Italians are falling in love, with food delivery

Italians have very high expectations when it comes to food. Is the service meeting them?

A real boom for food delivery. And the quality must be at its level, here's how.

The general assumption that all Italians are good in the kitchen seem something well stick around, but do Italians really spent time in the kitchen?

According to a recent study from Coldiretti / Censis, Italians are actually falling in love with food delivery, reducing a bit the involvement in the kitchen.

During 2018 over 30% of Italians have consumed ordered food via web from restaurants and pizzerias.

The growth of services such as Foodora or Deliveroo are very well matched by a growing internal demand for home delivery, expanded more and more to quality restaurant.

The growth of services such as Foodora or Deliveroo are very well matched by a growing internal demand for home delivery, expanded more and more to quality restaurant.

The reasons to skip cooking are clear:

  • tired from work, with almost 60% of choice
  • want to impress guests and friends with high quality and special food, with almost 35%
  • smaller percentage simply being curious of new dishes and meals

Italians are generally satisfied by the delivery times which rarely exceed sixty minutes.

While the payment is widespread online, and the cash is not always possible.

Transport takes place mainly by bicycle but also with scooters to overcome the constraints of the central areas with limited traffic in large cities.

Legalize or penalize it. Two voices, one government and a plant

The government risks to fall for a spiff, but the two main parties will avoid to talk about it.

growing indoor marijuana

The current Italian government is built by two parties with quite strong different views on many things. Actually almost everything.

The coalition is built around a contract, signed by both parties before taking the lead of the government back in early summer of 2018. This contract regulates the decisions that the government will take and most of all, the laws and directions that it will be working towards.

Albeit this formula, there have been already multiple cases where the two parties have been in conflict. Probably the most explicit being the High Speed Train (TAV) project.

Due to the negotiations that led to the creation of the contract, several topics have been only slightly touched in the document, and some completely ignored, because not of high priority and because the two parties had two irreconcilable different views.

A clear example is the debate around drugs and in particular to the eternal debate on whether legalize the soft drugs, such as marijuana, idea supported by the Movimento 5 Stelle, or keep them illegal, as for the right wing Lega party.

Today in Italy the there’s an hybrid law which doesn’t clarify really the status, but there’s a very high consumption, as Italians are among the heaviest users of cannabis.

Cannabis for medical use in Italy

Cannabis for medical use in Italy

In Italy, medical cannabis has been legal since 2007, recognized with a decree the therapeutic use of the cannabinoid delta-9-THC. In 2013, extended the legalization of cannabinoids in vegetable form, therefore also in Italy the uses of the cannabis plant (plant parts, in particular the inflorescences of the plant), of its extracts and extracts were recognized for medical purposes. get ready.

From that year on, various regional regulations were created to regulate the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes with executive decrees in most regions of Italy starting in 2015.

Cannabis legal light: the law of Italian law of 2016

The term legal cannabis light or legal hemp means that type of cannabis that has an active ingredient lower than 0.6%. According to the Italian law 242 approved in December 2016, its production and marketing are legal in Italy if the cannabis has a THC content (ie the active principle) that does not exceed 0.2%. Thanks to this law, therefore, there are no more doubts about it: the cultivation of legal marijuana is no longer prohibited and does not need any authorization. In the event that the percentage of THC is higher than 0.2% but falls within the limit of 0.6%, the farmer is relieved of any kind of responsibility. If, on the other hand, the 0.6% limit is exceeded, the judicial authorities may destroy or impede the cultivation of hemp.

Movimento 5 Stelle has recently proposed a new regulation and includes three basic points:

  • allow, under certain conditions, the cultivation of cannabis, individually (up to 3 plants) or associated (up to 30 people and after communication to the Prefecture);
  • provide for the lawfulness of the possession of cannabis within certain quantities (15 grams at home and 5 grams outside), in addition to correcting the law on inflorescences, which are now sold in the so-called “cannabis light shops” for technical use, providing for the possibility of be sold for food or herbal use (they will be subject to all the checks due and linked to that type of activity) and raising the percentage of thc which may contain up to 1%;
  • regulate illicit conduct by providing a differentiation of sentence in relation to the type of substances (heavy drugs, light drugs).
Cannabis legal light: the law of Italian law of 2016

Lega, (former Northern League) strongly oppose this approach and is instead considering to strengthen the legislation around it, and reduce the freedom of use, with strong penalties for abusers.

The most probable outcome will be some small attempts by individual members of the parliament, without a real support of the entire party.

Which will lead to maintain the current status quo and will not risk the collapse of the government for a spiff.

Play and let pray, as applied in an Italian church seems to work

In the small church of San Giulio d’Orta, a municipality just outside Turin, the local priest has installed a small playground full of toys at the entrance of the church.

Kids in church. A very difficult combination. The place which more require silence and calm isn’t the best place to host toddlers and pre-schoolers, who may have still hard time understanding the priest and even less on why having to sit for almost an hour straight.

Parents can’t leave the kids at home alone or at relatives, so there you go. Someone must find a solution.

In the small church of San Giulio d’Orta, a municipality just outside Turin, the local priest has installed a small playground full of toys at the entrance of the church. A simple act that had two immediate positive effects.

Adults finally able to follow the celebrations in the church and kids, well, finally having fun and starting to appreciate even more this Sunday routine.

Bari goes by bike, a little important revolution

Riding to work can pay you up to 25 euro/month. Not bad when city is flat, small and with a fantastic Mediterranean weather all year long.

Bari will be the first city to pay workers to commute by bike.

bari seaside

The system will be based on the number of kilometers the workers will do in their commute and can bring up to 25 euro per month. A little contribution, but surely appreciated by bikers. Probably even more is the additional contribution to purchase a bike too. With discounts from 150 euro for traditional bikes to 250 for electric ones.

Goal and good sign

All with the goal to reduce the pollution in the city which had sparked back in November and December due also to the intense traffic in the city which had often caused heavy congestions.

And a good signal from a more traditional city of the South towards a better focus to the environment.

House-arrested arrested at home of another house-arrested..

What if someone with an house arrest visits someone who’s also under arrest and confined in the same way at home?

Looking up Wikipedia, it says that In justice and law, house arrest (also called home confinement, home detention, or, in modern times, electronic monitoring) is a measure by which a person is confined by the authorities to their residence.

But what if someone with an house arrest visits someone who’s also under arrest and confined in the same way at home?

Well, this is what actually happened in Italy.

Alberto Minaudo

On January 2nd, Mr. Alberto Minaudo was arrested under suspicious of escaping. Mr. Minaudo had in fact left his house to visit a friend of him, also being under house arrest conviction. Here Alberto Minaudo in a picture from Carabinieri archival.

He got discovered when police was making the routine check in the house of the visited friend.

Quick checks revealed the identity of Mr. Minaudo who got arrested and brought back to his house. He’s now risking to go back to jail at any next flaws.

2019 Events in Italy, the calendar

2019 full events!
Here’s a selection of main ones, which will be constantly updated, also with monthly summaries.

2019 Events in Italy, the calendar

A 2019 full events that will ensure that no one will get bored while in Italy.

Scroll down to the see the events for each month, and stay tuned as there will be constant updates!



  • 3rd of February the Good Charlotte are in concert at Alcatraz, in Milan
  • 3rd of February of evening football with A.S. Roma Vs. A.C. Milan, at Stadio Olimpico in Rome
  • From the 5th to the 9th of February is time for Festival di Sanremo: the legendary music festival, not at its 69th edition
  • 6th of February with the Massive Attack at Mediolanum Forum in Milan
  • On the 8th and 9th of February, you can taste great wine at Buy wine & anteprime di Toscana in Fortezza da Basso, on Florence outskirt
  • From the 6th to the 9th of February, there’s Torino Digital Days, digital media conference, in Turin
  • On the 9th of February at 5:45pm, there’s Italy versus Wales, from Stadio Flaminio in Rome, for the 6 Nations cup of rugby
  • From the 10th to 12th of February, there’s BIT (Borsa Internazionale del Turismo), the international fair of tourism and travel, in Milano
  • 11th of February are the Snow Patrol on stage at Fabrique in Milan
  • From the 16th of February till March 5th there’s the Carnival in Venice and its incredible masks through city and channels.
  • On the 16th and 17th of February, there’s the Men and Women World Cup of Cross Country in Cogne (Aosta Valley)
  • From the 19th to the 25th of February is time for Milano Fashion week with the Autumn/Winter collection
  • On the 24th February is election day in Sardinia, with the Election for the regional government
  • On the 24th of February there’s Italy v Ireland of rugby, for the 6 Nations cup 2019. From Stadio Flaminio in Rome.


  • 1 March Ozzy Osbourne in concert in Casalecchio di Reno (Bo),


  • 1 April ABBA DREAM – The Ultimate Abba Tribute Show from Milano, Teatro Nazionale CheBanca
  • 5 April Amy McDonald in concert from Milano, Teatro Dal Verme
  • 9-14 April: Salone del Mobile: in Milano, 5 days furniture design expo with parties across the city.
  • 30 April: Rita Ora in concert in Milano, Fabrique


  • 4 May: ABBA DREAM – The Ultimate Abba Tribute Show in Montecatini, Teatro Verdi Montecatini –
  • 7 May: Tokio Hotel in concert in Milano, Fabrique
  • 8 May: Dido in concert in Milano, Teatro degli Arcimboldi
  • 8 May: Metallica in concert in Milano, Ippodromo Snai San Siro – Milano Summer Festival –
  • 9 May: Tokio Hotel in concert in Roma, Atlantico
  • 10 May: Tokio Hotel in concert in Bologna, Estragon
  • 11 May: Lenny Kravitz in concert in Assago (Mi), Mediolanum Forum
  • 12 May: Lenny Kravitz in concert in Casalecchio di Reno (Bo), Unipol Arena
  • 11.May to the 24.November: Biennale in Venice,
  • 15 May: Backstreet Boys concert in Milano
  • 26 May: Regional Election in Piemonte and Basilicate. Election for European Parliament.
  • 29 e 30 May: 2019 Elton John in concert in Verona, Arena
  • 31 May: – 2 June MotoGP race in Mugello


  • 2 June: Imagine Dragons in concert in Firenze, Visarno Arena
  • 13-16 June – Firenze Rocks: 2019 rock music festival in Firenze with Ed Sheeran, The Cure, i Tool and Smashing Pumpkins
  • 14 June Ed Sheeran in concert in Firenze, Visarno Arena – Firenze Rocks
  • 15-18 June: Milano Fashion Week (man) Spring/Summer 2020
  • 16 June Ed Sheeran in concert in Roma, Stadio Olimpico
  • 16 June The Cure in concert in Firenze, Ippodromo del Visarno
  • 19 June Ed Sheeran in concert in Milano, Stadio San Siro
  • 27 June Slipknot in concert in Bologna, Parco Nord – Bologna Sonic Park
  • 28 June Take That in concert in Lucca, Piazza Napoleone – Lucca Summer Festival
  • 29 June Take That in concert in Roma, Cavea Auditorium Parco della Musica


  • 3 July 30 Seconds to Mars in concert in Roma, Cavea dell’Auditorium Parco della Musica
  • 4 July 30 Seconds to Mars in concert in Padova, Gran Teatro Geox
  • 6 July 30 Seconds to Mars in concert in Pistoia, Pistoia Blues Festival
  • 7 July 30 Seconds to Mars in concert in Barolo, Collisioni festival
  • 7 July 2019 Elton John in concert in Lucca, Piazza Napoleone – Lucca Summer Festival – ELTON JOHN
  • 7 July Slayer in concert in Villafranca di Verona, Castello Scaligero – Rock The Castle –
  • 7 July James Morrison in concert in Gardone Riviera, Anfiteatro del Vittoriale – Tener-a-mente Festival
  • 9 July Macklemore in concert in Lucca, Piazza Napoleone – Lucca Summer Festival
  • 10 July Macklemore in concert in Barolo, Piazza Colbert – Collisioni Festival –
  • 12 July Muse in concert in Milano, Stadio San Siro
  • 13 July Muse in concert in Milano, Stadio San Siro
  • 20 July Muse in concert in Roma, Stadio Olimpico
Elton John in concert in Italy this summer


  • 29 August to 7 September: Venice Film Festival


  • 8th September.: Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza (MB)
  • 13-15 September: MotoGP race in Misano (San Marino GP)
  • 17-23 September 2019: Milano Fashion Week (woman): Spring/Summer 2020
  • 23 September: Michael Buble in concert in Assago, Mediolanum Forum
  • 24 September: Michael Buble in concert in Assago, Mediolanum Forum


  • TBD – EuroChocolate in Perugia
  • 17-27 October – Rome Movie Festival


  • TBD – EuroChocolate in Perugia
  • 17-27 October – Rome Movie Festival


  • TBD

Sales season has started, and shopping goes wild

Season of sales started! Where and when to go to get the best deals.

taormina shopping

It’s officially started the season of sales. Holidays are over and shops are now trying to get the last sales out before renovating for spring and summer season.

All start together, some for longer periods

All Italian cities are officially opening today their sales. Regions have different extension period, going from 28 February for some up to March 31st for others.

Some notable shopping regions and cities being: Lombardy (Milan region) till 5 March, Piedmont (Turin region) till 28 February, Lazio (Rome region) till 28 February , Campania (Naples region) till March, Tuscany (Florence region) till 5 March, Veneto (Venice region) till 31 March and Sicily (Palermo region) till 15 March.

What about the discounts?

Discounts run from 20-30% up to even 70%. Obviously good to have a double look at items, as some may have been tried over and over again before holiday periods asclothes may be hanging since a while.

There’s quite strict regulations to avoid abuses and scam, such as higher up original price to fake a higher discount rate on an item.

Italian car market, not only Ferrari (& who’s in the lead?)

The status of the car market in Italy, the directions and the top 10 of 2018.

Fiat 500

2018 has been a mild year for the Italian car market with slight grow, just above 4% on 2017 and with a strong decrease towards the end of the year.

Decrease becoming strong in particular for the car powered by diesel, as restrictions and limitations to circulate are getting tougher in several Italian cities due to anti-pollution regulations.

Still solid instead the second hand market, justified by a decrease in recent years of purchase power and to a improved reliability of the vehicles offered in this segment of the car market.

The government is coming in help of the industry, thinking of new economical support to who purchases a new car, in particular electric ones. There’s a long debate around this, and in particular why electric cars haven’t started kicking in yet, in the country where a liter of gasoline costs more than in any other European country, with the exception at times of the Netherlands.

In any case, here below the top 10 most sold car in Italy in 2018. Number 1 may not surprise you though.

  • 7 – CITROEN C3 
  • 4 – FIAT TIPO 
  • 3 – FIAT 500X
  • 2 – FIAT 500
  • 1 – FIAT PANDA 
fiat panda

Reference, some of the data used are published by the prestigious Italian news agency at the following link

Municipalities and Government just started an unprecedented war

Majors of the most important italian cities are rejecting Rome approach of zero-welcome as it’s outlaw.

There’s a harsh discussion in between local municipalities and the Italian central government ongoing since a few weeks, but that may grow more in the next few months.

Historical reason, like at Dante’s time

First a little bit of background. Majors, or sindaci, can be very much influential in Italy. This is due to multiple reasons, among which the fact Italian unification arrived very late compared to other countries (1861). Somehow Italians still identify their selves more on the local cities (comuni) rather than the in the voice of the entire nation, so different by region an often hard to identify with. Who has been in Italy, knows how difficult to find a common denominator of identity that can be share across the entire nation.

The national association of comuni has a strong political power and allow the multitude of different majors to have one single voice at national level. Quite often the local municipalities have had attrition with the local government. Often when it comes to apply locally the directives coming from Rome . Given how close the municipalities are to the life of the citizens, they have strong social aspects.

2 laws on one territory, hard to implement

It has been the case in the past when municipalities were asked to register same sex marriage, with for example the ones rules by far right parties to push back and try to put hurdles on the way. Recently the debate is instead related to migrants and the possibilities of municipalities to welcome or not migrants.

The line of the central government, constantly repeated by vice-deputy Salvini is of zero tolerance and zero welcome. This very often justified with the fact that in the recent years Italy has done (as per minister words) too much and enough and it’s now time for other countries to welcome migrants coming from Africa or Asia.

migrants walking their way

Propaganda or real deal?

This approach, which we won’t debate here, and that the goal to stop the growth of migrant population in Italy, has created though issues not only for incoming migrants, whose boats aren’t anymore allowed to stop in Italian docks, but also for the ones who are already in the Italian territory. In some cases for example, due to the new laws being recently pushed by Rome, would not allow to host migrants in facilities, making them basically complete homeless.

Majors of the most important italian cities, with Palermo in the lead, and strong supports from Naples, Bari, Parma, Milan and Florence among others, are rejecting this approach, claiming that it will attack the basic human rights and therefore outlaw.

It’s unclear on whether this will mean a real action by these majors against the law, in order to continue guarantee human rights to migrants, or the central government will need to use the strong ones and look for the (very remote) option to fire those majors (democratically elected). Salvini has already shown his options in the past months against the major of a small center, Riace, which was supporting actively the welcome of migrants.

If those arguments and positions won’t be followed by direct and concrete actions, will still be evaluated by the voters in the European elections in March.

The new year brings a new way to clean the ears

Get healthier and improve the environment. Sounds logical, just need a little effort.

New Year’s imposed resolution.

As of January 1st , 2019 on the entire Italian territory it will be forbidden the sale of cotton buds to clean the years.

Yes, no more on the shelves of supermarkets, nor at the local grocery. This happens 2 years in advance of what EU just recently voted to require from all countries.


The choice is clear has a serious intent. Reduce plastic pollution and one of the most common item present in our water. Plastic cotton buds.

They litterally infest the seas and Italy wants to take a stance. Surely not enough, but a significant action and signal in respect of the environment.

Ready to panic

But how consumers will react? Well, if you are currently panicking, well, there’s a remedy and it’s actually way healtier than with plastic buds.

Water. And soap. That’s it. In general massaging the area around the ear can help further in keeping clean the ears. Only in case of blocks, some oil emollients may become handy.