Here’s the top 10 most iconic Italian songs of all time

10 songs representing the most iconic voices and melodies from Italy. Ahead of times, powerful and romantic.

Italian music has led the way for several centuries, with some of the greatest musicians of all time. Modern music nowadays is well dominated by English speaking songs, but thanks to its unique style and excellent performers , Italy didn’t stay behind and here’s the top 10 most iconic Italian songs of all times.

10) Senza Una Donna – Zucchero (1987)

”It’s not like that, What a baby’s day, How are you, You’ve been there,
And now come back lady, Hey, who are you with,
I’m here, and I look at the sea
I’m with me, I’m going to feed myself”

  • Senza una donna (without a woman) is a song written and interpreted by Zucchero, sugar in Italian. The artistic name of Adelmo Fornaciari.
  • It was included in the album Blue’s and was born a first time in 1987 as part of this album and then again, in 1991, with a new version together with Paul Young.

9) Bello e impossibile – Gianna Nannini (1986)

”Beautiful beautiful impossible
with black eyes and your tasty Middle Eastern
beautiful, invincible beautiful
with black eyes and your mouth to kiss
the stars turn in the night and me
I think I’m strong, I want you strong”

  • Gianna Nannini, a real rocker, publishes in 1986 a melodic song called Bello e impossibile, literally Handsome and impossible.
  • It was the first song of the album Profumo
  • A melodic love rock song to an unreachable lover
  • Solidified internal fame and exposed Gianna to an international audience.
  • Gianna, originally from Siena, Tuscany, has an equally famous brother, Alessandro, former F1 driver.

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