Today at the newsstand February 5th, 2019

International meeting in between anti-establishment groups, a legendary festival is ready to begin and much more

Today at the newsstand February 5th, 2019

Newsstand today – February 5th, 2019

Movimento 5 Stelle leaders meeting with Yellow vests counterpart

  • A surprising meeting in between the leaders of one of the two parties currently ruling Italy and the French movement Yellow Vests.
  • Italian vice president, Di Maio had already expressed support for the group in the previous weeks.
  • Both populist groups, so called anti-establishment, have found a common enemy in the last month in the French Prime Minister Macron.
  • There are many common positions and values that put citizens at the center, says Di Maio. Blocks and discomforts for the strike of the vests. The leader of the Yellow vest, Chalencon invokes the civil war.

Festival di Sanremo starts today

  • Just a few hours before the 69th edition of the Sanremo Festival.
  • Guests of the first evening will be Andrea Bocelli, who will duet with his son Matteo and with Claudio Baglioni.
  • The Italian singer Giorgia will also arrive at the Ariston, also for a duet with the artistic director. Read full article on the Festival.
  • The competition will start today to finish on Sunday with the declaration of the winner, among the 24 participants.

Italian kids among the healthiest in Europe

  • In 2017 the percentage of children under five years considered in good or excellent health in Italy exceeded 99%, a percentage that falls to 98.8% for children from five to nine years and to 98.4% for those between ten and fifteen years.
  • It is the Eurostat data that place our country among those where minors enjoy the best health conditions in Europe.
  • Regarding the limitations of the activity due to health problems, the percentage of Italian children affected ranges between 0.3% and 0.9% (depending on the age class and the severity of the problems), while the average European is always above 1%. (according to ANSA – italian news agency, based on Eurostat data)

Today at the newsstand February 4th, 2019

Enter into a real Italian edicola (newsstand) and find out the most important news of the day, and what the country is debating about.

Welcome to Newsstand (edicola)

Enter into a real Italian edicola (newsstand) and find out the most important news of the day, and what the country is debating about.

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Enter into a real Italian edicola (newsstand) and find out the most important news of the day, and what the country is debating about.

Newsstand today – February 4th, 2019

National Basic income

  • Opens today the portal to request access to the National Basic Income.
  • The official presentation is scheduled at 3 pm of the Minister of Labor and Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio.
  • Until 6 March will only be providing information, while available to submit request by then.

Government crisis

  • Continues the difficult relationship in between the two parties ruling the countries.
  • Too many topics where the two parties are in collision, migrants, infrastructures and national basic income to name a few.
  • The kidnapping trial to the Interior Minister Salvini for the migrants in the rescue boat Diciotti sparked even more debate, with Movimento 5 stelle proposing to go ahead with court decision, while Lega strongly opposes.

Three free-riders dead on Mont Blanc

  • The operations to rescue the 4 free-riders, two British and two French, dispersed from yesterday over Courmayeur have continued.
  • The corpses were found buried under an avalanche in Val Veny.
  • The Alpine rescue service continues  the search for the lost fourth continues.

Serie A – results of the weekend

  • Juventus slow down his race to the 8th consecutive scudetto with a quite surprising internal draw versus Parma. Napoli wins 3-0 with Sampdoria and shortens the distance from the bianconeri of 2 points.
  • Continues the dark period for Inter, that loses at home against the weak Bologna. Roma and Milan drew in the Sunday evening match for 1-1, with the new A.C. Milan striker, Piatek in goal for the 3rd time in the two last matches.
  • After 22 games, on top of the chart: Juventus with 60 points, Napoli with 51 points, Inter with 40 points, Milan with 36 points and Roma with 35 points.
  • Ronaldo still the top scorer with 17 goals, followed by Quagliarella of Sampdoria with 16 points and Zapata from Atalanta with 15 points. 

International crisis, drugs, recession & black-out.

This wasn’t an easy week for the Italy and its Government.
Last week in Italy, here’s what you need to know

This wasn't an easy week for the Italy and its Government

Monday – Italy against Netherlands in handling migrants

The Italian government decline any responsibility on the Sea Watch boat, full of migrants outside the coast of Sicily. The boat has Dutch flag and the full responsibility of the boat, migrants included should be of the Netherlands. Which quickly push back any interest into it.

All the day after Italian MPs where able to jump on board of the boat to testify the difficult conditions on the boat.

Wednesday – Cocaine and coffee on board in Livorno  

Thursday – An expected decline which means recession

The Italian economy enters officially in recession after a streak of 4 months with a decline in the overall national gross domestic product.

The government doesn’t seem to be taken by surprise or being particularly concerned by this data, believing in a quick turn around and a growth visible already during 2019.

Friday – Arctic weather and black-outs

It’s time for snow to finally fall on the whole North of Italy, in particular on the flat areas of Pianura Padana. Turin and Milan well covered by snow, which eventually melted soon after. A black-out in large part of Sicily, including Trapani and Erice, for over half an hour, after midday. The blackout has affected the population centers, but also the outlying areas, creating great discomfort in public services, such as in offices and homes, and obviously for who in the elevators.

Italy in recession, for the third time in 10 years.

It was expected, but still hurts. And the plans to ensure a positive sign to the national economy are unclear.

Italian economy enters in recession and Rome struggles with holes in the street

It didn’t seem to shock nor surprise the Italian prime minister Conte and the finance minister Tria the latest results on the gross domestic product.

For the fourth quarter of 2018, fourth in a row, it has a negative value, meaning that technically Italy enters in recession. The entire year under performing compared to 2017. Of 0.2%.

Conte expressed optimism and somehow enthusiasm when looking to the future, claiming Italy will go back to positive sign during this year and minimized the result, just under the 1 percent overall.

It has to say that this percentage has deteriorated in particular under his government, albeit some may claim those results are still the outcome of the decision of the previous one.

And that the result was expected as it was reported by this same outlet just one week ago on how the Italian economy was on the brink of recession.

The road to restore a positive sign on the gross domestic product of the country is difficult, not impossible, but the recession itself only makes it more complex.

The expected growth of the interest rate and less trust on the economy will reduce investments and the possibility to support internal benefits, unless taking on new debts.

This will be at a higher costs and really not the direction the economical foundations of the country should be going.

650kg of cocaine hidden in coffee found and seized in Livorno dock

A massive amount of drug seized in a container ship, required strong acumen, and luck

650kg of cocaine have been seized in Livorno, Italy

A container filled with coffee and drugs has been discovered by Guardia di Finanza, the police group in charge of monitoring financial and drug related crimes in the dock of Livorno, sea side city in the north of Tuscany.

The container was on board of a ship with Portuguese flag coming from spain and included next to large quantity of coffee also 650 kilos of cocaine, hidden in several bags which have been seized by the police. According to investigators it made a fairly long trip before being opened by a police group, as it was originally coming from Honduras and had changed boat (according to in Costarica.

The trip wasn’t supposed to be finished in Italy though, as apparently the final destination was a criminal organization in Madrid, Spain.

A bomb requires massive evacuation, while taxes are halved by mistake.

Last week in Italy, here’s what you need to know

In Ancona, 12 thousand people were evacuated to remove a bomb of the second world war. A very large area that includes Ancona railway station, the port areas, the restaurants and several places of cultural and tourist interest in the city

Monday – The removal of second world war bomb requires massive evacuation 

  • In Ancona, 12 thousand people were evacuated to remove a bomb of the second world war.
  • A very large area that includes Ancona railway station, the port areas, the restaurants and several places of cultural and tourist interest in the city
  • the government.
  • The new Brazilian government, with president Bolsonario, decided to remove any political asylum and Battisti had escaped the country to Bolivia. Where after a few weeks of investigation was arrested. In a few days back to Italy, detained in the jail of Oristano, in the beautiful island of Sardinia.

Tuesday – Taxes halved by mistake, for 4 million car owners

  • Unclear if by mistake or because wanted, but the government approved a measure (in the decree simplification ) under the false name of historic cars (the real ones deserve the maximum protection), that halves the amount of the tax to own cars with a seniority of service between 20 and 30 years.
  • That is 4 million and a half vehicles that represent about 10% of the total circulating that, thanks to them, is one of the oldest and most dangerous among those of advanced countries.

Thursday – Close a large center that hosts migrants and asylum seeker, without a plan b

  • with the approval of the security decree the Interior Minister decided to close, within the end of the month, the asylum seekers center in Castelnuovo di Porto and the displacement in other realities of the approximately five hundred refugees hosted.
  • And yesterday the start of the transfer of the first thirty migrants to Basilicata and Campania was the background for a new political tension.

Friday – Sea Watch boat enters Italian water, but all docks are closed

  • Navigation started seven days ago, but since he first moment, it seemed clear that Sea Watch 3 with its cargo of migrants would eventually direct the bow to Italy.
  • And so did the crew of the Dutch NGO, bringing again the minister Salvini to point the feet and to defend the position.
  • See update article on this topic, HERE

Saturday – Super Mario strikes again.

  • After having being out of the pitch for months, Mario Balotelli returns to score in an official match. the first after his move to Olympic Marseille from Nice.
  • The team had eventually lost 2 1, but Balotelli starts his score in O.M. with one presence and one goal.

Sea Watch odyssey in the Mediterranean continues, without clarity for the future

Three MPs contravened the Government decision and boarded a boat with migrants. Not too many days left to take a decision on its faith.

Three MPs contravened the Government decision and boarded a boat with migrants. Not too many days left to take a decision on its faith.

This morning, 3 members of the Italian parliament, Ms. Stefania Prestigiacomo (Forza Italia, right wing), Riccardo Magi (+Europa, center left wing) and Nicola Frantoianni (Leu, left wing) have boarded the humanitarian ship, Sea Watch, currently just few miles outside Siracusa, in Sicily. They accessed the boat to check the conditions of the 47 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean nine days ago. The three MPs have asked that the migrants were allowed to disembark all immediately.

This request contravenes the current decision of the Italian Government that has blocked all Italian docks to accept the boat, as for any other humanitarian boat that brings rescued migrants from the Mediterranean sea into Italy.

Sea Watch, currently just few miles outside Siracusa, in Sicily.

In the previous days the Italian government had claimed that the Netherlands, as Sea Watch sail under its flag, should have welcomed the guests of the boat. The Dutch Government has refused this option.

The numbers of migrants in the boat, compared to the over 600 thousands landed on Italian shores in the last few years are definitely low, but the Government doesn’t want to create precedents and is moved by its principles.

It’s unclear on whether Italy or another country will allow at the end the boat into its docks, but after over 9 days of navigation for the Sea Watch and many others of sail and desert cross for the migrants, there’s not too many day left for a decision.

First image from Sea Watch official website

Image from Sea Watch official website, not endorsed nor authorised by the site or the NGO organisation. Immediate removal of the image upon request.

Last week in Italy, here’s what you need to know

Discover the most important facts in a nutshell.
This was a very full week, with some memorable events and returns.

rocks of Matera, european capital of culture in 2019

Week 3rd of the calendar has been a very hectic period in the Italian peninsula.

Monday – Former terrorist and his forced return to Italy

  • Cesare Battisti is a former terrorist of the 70s in extreme left view groups. He had participated and led activities which brought to the dead of at least for persons, and was therefore arrested. He escaped jail and Italy in 1981 after been condemned for 12 years, has been arrested in Bolivia this week and returned to Italian jails this Monday 14th of January.
  • Battisti lived abroad all those years, covered by political asylum in France and then in Brazil, writing books and essays. In Brazil he had already been jailed, then left out for willing of the government.
  • The new Brazilian government, with president Bolsonario, decided to remove any political asylum and Battisti had escaped the country to Bolivia. Where after a few weeks of investigation was arrested. In a few days back to Italy, detained in the jail of Oristano, in the beautiful island of Sardinia.

Tuesday – Earthquake shakes the land

  • An earthquake of 4.6 of magnitude, had been localized at 11km east of Ravenna. In Emilia Romagna. The shake was well felt also in Bologna.
  • No major damages, nor injured luckily.

Thursday – Silvio is back. Risks of being the last swansong are quite high.

  • Silvio Berlusconi declared he’ll run for the spring elections for the European Parliament. Not being able to run in his own country, having lost his eligibility due to recent issues with the justice, he has opted for the continental stage.
  • Predictions aren’t looking good, but experts know he is known to come back in the latest weeks. Some says that there’s no chance and will be a fiasco.

Friday – National Basic income rules are ready

  • The introduction of a National Basic income, which was strongly supported by Movimento 5 Stelle has become law as part of the 2019 Budget.
  • The rules have been clarified:
    • Must have an income of less than 780 euro per month and will make sure that who earns less will at least reach this basic level of income. If someone earns 200 euro per month, will receive 580 and so on.
    • The income is deposited on a special card, from Poste Italiane.
    • Who owns apartments, houses or have different sources of wealth won’t be able to receive any income and strong sanctions have been introduced to avoid any fraud.

Saturday – Matera starts the day as capital of European culture

  • Opening ceremony for the year of Matera, the European cultural capital of 2019, with the presence of all the main Italian authorities, starting from the President of the Republic.
  • A fundamental year for the city of rocks, ready to get the important stage and promote its beauties and history with a series of countless events.

That legendary unfinished tunnel in the Alps

No TAV, Si (yes) TAV. What is all about and why does it matter?

very fast train view

Italy shape is known to everyone, as a long shoe with beautiful cities and beaches and surrounded by crystal clear seas. But maybe not everyone knows that the ”boot” is not flat and smooth, but is mainly made of mountains and hills.

So, as everywhere there’s mountain, transportation on the ground can become quite difficult. Alps and Apennines are covering almost 70% of the soil and create a real obstacle for train and cars.

Drive up and down the hills

To enter in Italy, coming from France, Switzerland, Austria or Slovenia, which are the country Italy has border with, you need to pass through the Alps, unless in the two coastal road on east (Friuli) and west (Liguria).

Next to beautiful mountain and lakes, you’ll be able often to admire man made miracle to facilitate transportation, such as tunnels long more than 10km through majestic mountains. Frejus or Mont Blanc just to name two of the most fascinating ones. But also San Gottardo in Switzerland has its charme.

Now, those tunnels mainly support transportation via vehicles, such as cars and vans, but there’s no real good solutions when it comes to train.

This is a missed opportunity. It excludes the transportation by train in and out the peninsula and doesn’t leverage the impressive internal investments, made with regards to fast trains.

So, there’s a project, which is running now since early 2000s to build an impressive. TAV, Treno ad alta velocity. High Speed Train.

It consist in a railway line of 235km for train transportations, for goods and people, in between Turin and Lyon, connecting the two cities, separated today by a wall of mountains even more.

Via High speed train anyone will be able to travel quickly and safely from the south of Italy to the North of Europe. Reducing the distances and improving drastically the connections.

The reason of No TAV

The Turin-Lyon railway sound as an idyllic plan that everyone should love, but isn’t. It isn’t because the project brings together with a fast train connection, also very high expenses and an immense work on the beautiful alpine landscapes between the Italian and French city.

Citizens grouped under the name ”No TAV” have been expressing their opposition to the project since the very beginning, trying with several method from institutional to more radical approach to stop it.

The reason of Si TAV

As the new Italian government, led by the quite explosive couple made of 5 Star movements and Lega are reviewing if this great effort is necessary at all, a new group of citizens has emerged, the ”Si TAV”.

”Si TAV” is a group led by 7 women and 1 man. 7 influential business women and a former secretary of the minister of transportation of Berlusconi government. To lobby for the realization of the project, claiming the immediate benefits for the economy and to generate new business, directly and indirectly thanks to the new easy way of transport goods and people.

Some of the points raised by the ”Si TAV” group includes the fact that 70% of italian export need to pass through Alps and it could connect via train Paris to Turin in circa 3 hours.

What’s next

As mentioned, the new government is evaluating the project, although in reality is trying to find its own internal balance to come with a joint conclusion. The two souls of the government couldn’t be more far on this topic, with the 5 star movements that has always claimed that once on power will stop the project, while Lega much more in support of the realization.

News and decisions are expected for this spring. And consequences may be way bigger than expected.

In Sardinia, new idyllic beaches, untouched for over 60 years are available, to everyone, from today

After over 65 years the military left a coastal area of Sardinia. new untouched beaches. Admire it yourself.

It was 1957 when the beach of Porto Tramatzu, in Taulada, village in the province of Cagliari, became part of an area occupied by Italian defense.

sardinia, Porto Tramatzu

It was in use as shooting range for the military forces, meaning that all the area was basically completely untouched, except during exercises.

Since then no tourists have ever been able to walk on those heavenly beautiful beaches, but since this summer it will be possible. Just need a ticket to Sardinia, and paradise is there.

As part of today government agreement the beach of Porto Tramatzu become available to everyone for use. More than 60 years after!

Next to Porto Tramatzu, also other new beaches, currently occupied by the military and also untouched since a few decades, will become available to tourists from all over the world.

Capo Frasca S’Enna, S’Arca and Punta de S’Achivoni all three located in the west coast of Sardinia, outside Oristano.

Sardinia random beach

Are you ready getting ready for summer?