Special guest of the Top 10 most iconic Italian actresses of all time

As you can imagine, reduce the list to only 10 is very difficult and we had to exclude several, one of which was longly debated, therefore presented as a special guest here:

Monica Vitti

a scene from Eclipse - 1962 - Monica Vitti
a scene from ”Eclipse” (1962)
Monica Vitti

Monica Vitti, born Maria Luisa Ceciarelli, born November 3, 1931, in Rome, is a particularly famous Italian actress mainly linked to the cinema of the past.

For almost forty years Monica Vitti has been one of the most promising Italian movie stars, accompanied by her unmistakable raucous voice and her blonde hair.

At the base of his professional training is the diploma obtained at the Silvio D’amico Academy of Dramatic Arts, following which he began his participation on the stage. Monica Vitti’s childhood saw her spend eight years in the city of Messina before deciding to return to the capital with her family. Her talents as an actress emerged during the war, in which she often found herself using puppets as toys.

Thanks to the director Mario Monicelli Monica Vitti gets the lead role in the film La ragazza con la pistola (1968), later participating in the film Drama of Jealousy – All the details in chronicle (1970) by Ettore Scola, La Tosca (1973 ) by Luigi Magni, joining Alberto Sordi, Miklós Jancsó, Luis Buñuel in The Phantom of Freedom (Le fantôme de la liberté) (1974) and André Cayatte in State Reason (La raison d’état) (1978).

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