Etna, flank eruptions and strong tremors. It doesn’t seem to stop.

A land of contrast, where nature is the constant reference. What has happening on Etna?

Sicily, wonderful island, full of contrast.

A land where the beauty and the beast are so close to each other that only a perfect territory would be able to balance.

The beautiful and warm population with an immense culture and heritage versus the unfamous worldwide image that the criminality still strong in the land carries on as mafia.

And nature.

Perfect sand beaches and landscapes from one side. The perfect holiday destination. Land of beauty and culture, mountain and sand, hills and open countryside. And the crystal clear sea.

In contrast to a strong deadly volcanic and seismic activity underneath.

Clouds from Etna erupting

All in one simple, outstanding and terrifying name, Etna.

This New Year’s eve there will be some more fireworks to celebrate. Some more natural and scary, the ones from the majestic and legendary volcano. Erupting and source of magic. But also of fear and pain.

Only recently the volcano seemed to have restarted quite actively its activity. Never stopped in the reality, but now very much more intense.

Hundreds of earthquakes have shaken the land in the far surroundings in the recent weeks, and the situation seems not gone back to a more limited activity.

Several injuried, mainly from home collapsing, because of the tremors of the land and over 600 homeless only in a few days. Damage for the economy have been so far limited, with the Italian govermennt in support with circa 10 Million Euros already deployed for action in an emergency plan. launches now! Wish us good luck!

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