Here’s the top 8 most iconic Italian books of all time

8) Kobane Calling – Zerocalcare (2016)

Kobane Calling - Zerocalcare (2016)

Kobane Calling. It is the war in Syria. But not only, there is actually much more.

If there is a message hidden in this book of adventures also interior, a completely anti-rhetorical message, is that to transform our mentality to be really free we need to free ourself from the clichés, from the conditioning.

One of the greatest modern writers is drawing magnificent comics, to teach the world a better way of think. To laugh about disgraces and learning more than crying would have done. Zerocalcare is an absolute genious.

To return with the doubt that perhaps, of what has been left to happen, we are all a bit responsible.

7) Io non ho paura – Niccolò Ammaniti (2002)

Io non ho paura - Niccolò Ammaniti

I’m not scared. Novel written in the first person in which are narrated the events that lead Michael, the little protagonist, to get in touch with evil and to separate from the age of childhood.

A novel of blinding contrasts – the imaginary fears of childhood and the real cruelty of the world, the strength of friendship and the misery of betrayal.

And again, the light of day and the darkness of night, social drama and everyday life – where thought and action takes place in a very tight narrative continuum.

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