Here’s the top 6 most iconic Italian songs of all time

6) Il cielo in una stanza – Mina (1969)

”When you’re here with me, this room has no walls, but trees, infinite trees,

when you’re here near me, this purple ceiling, no, it does not exist anymore.

I see the sky above us, that we stay here abandoned, as if it were not there anymore, nothing, nothing more in the world.

  • Considered probably the best Italian singers for voice extension of all times, Mina had a quite short, but impressive and influential career, also on the years to come.
  • Her singing skills raised the bar very high and only a few were able to perform with similar range since the 60s.
  • She has retired to a very silent life in Switzerland since a few decades, only very seldom spotted by paparazzi with their zooms.

5) Rumore – Raffaella Carrà (1974)

”na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na na na na na na, Noise noise eh na na na na na na na na na i do not feel safe sure safe never, na na na na na na na tonight i would like to go back in time, na na, and return to the time you were there”

  • Raffaella Carra‘ is by far the most virtuous Italian star of all times. Dancer, singer, actress and tv presenter.
  • Everything she has done and still does is an incredible success. No one has ever been able to be at the top in all those arts.
  • She also anticipated any fashion and style with several years in advance. As it’s the case or Rumore, published in 1974 and anticipating the disco-dance coming a few years after in the early 80s.

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