Here’s the top 6 most iconic Italian books of all time

6) Uno, nessuno, centomila – Luigi Pirandello (1926)

Uno, nessuno, centomila - Luigi Pirandello (1926)

One, No One and One Hundred Thousand.The tragedy, modern and emblematic, of Vitangelo Moscarda, who discovers that he is a stranger even to himself, a person built by others in their own way.

If man pretends to unite himself as one, he will never know each other.

It remains for him then to strip himself of all the connotations, the so-called qualities, the possessions, to be given to the madman, to live no longer in himself, but ‘in everything outside’.

A book about alienation and knowledge of ourselves.

5) Il deserto dei tartari – Dino Buzzati (1940)

Il deserto dei tartari - Dino Buzzati (1940)

The Tartar Steppe.In a fortress on the edge of the desert, a garrison awaits the arrival of the invading Tartars.

But it will be a long, vain, exhausting waiting. If you have not appreciated it at school, give it a second chance.

Because this is a book that acquires meaning by rereading it, understanding, as the protagonist Drogo, that time passes and no one can fight against this.

The Fortress is an outpost on the border with a desert, in the past the scene of ruinous incursions by the Tartars: lost, on the top of a mountain, governed by strict rules, a threateningly fascinating microcosm that “bewitches” its inhabitants by preventing them from abandoning it.

The zealous soldiers who live there and give it life are governed by a single hope, which becomes the pure reason for their existence: to see the Tartars coming from those borders, to fight them, acquire glory, honor, become, in short, heroes

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