Here’s the top 4 most iconic Italian books of all time

4) La Storia – Elsa Morante (1974)

La Storia - Elsa Morante (1974)

History. An historical novel of 1974 written by Elsa Morante.

The story of the novel took place between 1941 and 1947, against the dramatic backdrop of a war-torn Rome and then set off towards an uncertain reconstruction.

Here lives Ida Ramundo, a shy elementary schoolteacher, originally half-Jewish, who remained precociously a widow and with a son, Nino. She is raped by a very young German soldier and gets pregnant.

Despite the shame of that conception, when it is born, Useppe brings into the life of Ida and Nino a note of joy and hope.

3) Decamerone – Giovanni Boccaccio (~1351)

Decamerone - Giovanni Boccaccio (~1351)

Decameron. The title, which in Greek means Ten Days, is explicit: the work is a collection of one hundred novels told by ten boys in ten days.

The seven girls and the three boys took refuge in a country villa to get away from the city of Florence, infested by the black plague. To act as a common thread among the various stories told, there is a narrative frame, set in Florence, brought to its knees by the plague.

The genre of the novellas, then, is decidedly innovative, as well as pleasant and light, compared to the previous or contemporary medieval production.

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