Here’s the top 2 most iconic Italian songs of all time

2) Con te partirò – Andrea Bocelli (1995)

”When I’m alone, I dream of the horizon, and words fail.
Yes, I know that there is no light, in a room when the sun is missing,
if you’re not with me, with me.
On the windows, show everyone my heart, which you lit, close inside me, the light you met on the street.”

  • ”Con te partirò”, also known as ‘Time to say goodbye” has been a revolutionary song in its own way. One of the most traditional styles, with strong influences from lyrical and classical music become an every day hit.
  • So many singers have asked a duet with the Italian phenomenal singer, among which Sarah Brightman, with whom he presents the English version ”Time to say goodbye”.
  • Probably the one that everyone would remember is with the american legend Celine Dion.

1) Caruso – Lucio Dalla (1986)

”Here where the sea glitters, and pulls the wind, on an old terrace, in front of the Gulf of Sorrento.
A man hugs a girl, after he cries, then clears his throat, and starts singing again.
I love you so much, and you know it very well..
It is a chain now, which melts the blood in the veins, you know.”

  • The most melodic and melting Italian song probably ever made, gives chills from the first seconds it starts.
  • Legend says that the song name and inspiration come from a real life personal, almost mystical experience of the singer.
  • Lucio’s boat broke down just outside the coast of Sorrento and the singer had to stop for a night in a hotel.
  • The room where he’s hosted was the same where Enrico Caruso, one of the most memorable Italian tenors of all times, had slept few days before death. And to Enrico, Lucio dedicates this masterpiece.

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