Here’s the top 2 most iconic Italian books of all time

alessandro manzoni from a graffiti in Lecco, Italy

2) Divina Commedia – Dante Alighieri (1320)

dante alighieri - statue in florence

The Divine Comedy. It represents an allegorical journey that the poet makes through the ultraterrestrial worlds (Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso) in order to find faith and inner peace lost in a life devoted to vices and moral decadence.

It develops as a poem in triplets of hendecasyllables, of a hundred songs, divided into three cantos.

The title “Comedy” has been given having regard to the medieval distinction between comedy and tragedy, namely the fact that the subject of the poem, on the painful principle, has a happy conclusion.

It’s also considering the style, since the merging of comic together with the humble realistic elements.

The epithet of “divine” was proposed by Boccaccio in the Trattatello in laude of Dante.

1) I promessi sposi – Alessandro Manzoni (1827)

alessandro manzoni from a graffiti in Lecco, Italy

The Betrothed. The most important novel of Italian literature, ‘I promessi sposi’, could be summarized with a single expression that Manzoni attributes to Lucia: Lucia, the unfortunate one.

Ventured because all the novel is built on the experience of the world that these two anonymous poor, Renzo and Lucia, are forced to do without understanding the why of the actions.

To master the Manzonian masterpiece there is the resolute disposition to respect the disorderly and unpredictable development of life. A real gem that today attracts thousand of visitors to the supposed houses where the so well created characters have lived in the imagination of the author, in Lecco.

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