Berlusconi 1994 speech to announce that will run for elections


Italy is the country I love. Here I have my roots, my hopes, my horizons. Here I learned, from my father and from life experience, as my job as an entrepreneur. Here I learned the passion for freedom.

I chose to enter in politics and take care of public affairs because I do not want to live in an illiberal country, governed by immature forces and men tied to a political and economically unsuccessful past.

In order to fulfill this new life choice, I resigned today from every social position in the group I founded. I therefore renounce my role as editor and entrepreneur to put my experience and all my efforts at the disposal of a battle in which I believe with absolute conviction and with the greatest firmness.

I know what I do not want and, together with the many Italians who have given me their trust in all these years, I also know what I want. And I also have the reasonable hope of succeeding in realizing it, in a sincere and loyal alliance with all the liberal and democratic forces that feel the civil duty to offer the country a credible alternative to the government of the left and the communists.

The old Italian political class has been overwhelmed by the facts and overcome by the times. The self-sinking of the old rulers, crushed by the burden of public debt and the system of illegal financing of the parties, leaves the country unprepared and uncertain in the difficult moment of the renewal and the transition to a new Republic. Never as in this moment Italy, which rightfully distrusts prophets and saviors, needs people with their heads on their shoulders and consolidated experience, creative and innovative, able to give her a hand, to make the state work.

The referendum movement led to the popular choice of a new parliament election system. But in order for the new system to work, it is essential for the sinister cartel to oppose it, a pole of freedom that is capable of attracting to itself the best of a clean, reasonable, modern country.

This pole of liberty must include all the forces that refer to the fundamental principles of Western democracies, starting from that Catholic world that has generously contributed to the last fifty years of our unitary history. The important thing is to know how to propose to Italian citizens the same objectives and values ​​that have so far enabled the development of liberties in all the great Western democracies.

Those goals and values ​​that have never found full citizenship in any of the countries governed by the old communist apparatus, however repainted and recycled. Nor can we see how Italy was an exception to this elementary rule. The orphans and the nostalgics of communism, in fact, are not only unprepared to the government of the country. They also bring with them an ideological heritage that screeches and punches with the demands of a public administration that wants to be liberal in politics and liberal in economics.

Our left pretends to be changed. They say they have become liberal democratic. But it’s not true. Their men are always the same, their mentality, their culture, their deepest convictions, their behavior remained the same. They do not believe in the market, they do not believe in private initiative, they do not believe in profit, they do not believe in the individual. They do not believe that the world can improve through the free contribution of many people all different from one another. They have not changed. Listen to them talk, watch their news broadcasts paid by the state, read their press. They no longer believe in anything. They would like to turn the country into a screaming square, which screams, ranting, and condemning.

This is why we are forced to oppose them. Because we believe in the individual, in the family, in the company, in competition, in development, in efficiency, in the free market and in solidarity, the daughter of justice and freedom.

If I decided to run for elections with a new movement, and if I now ask you to take the field to you, to all of you – now, immediately, before it’s too late – it’s because I dream, with open eyes, a free society , of women and men, where there is no fear, where in place of social envy and class hatred are generosity, dedication, solidarity, love for work, tolerance and respect for the life.

The political movement that I propose is called, not by chance, Forza Italia. What we want to do with it is a free organization of totally new electric and voters: not the umpteenth party or the umpteenth faction that is born to divide, but a force that arises instead with the opposite objective; to unite, to finally give Italy a majority and a government that meets the needs most deeply felt by ordinary people.

What we want offering Italians is a political force made up of totally new men. What we want to offer the nation is a government program made only of concrete and understandable commitments. We want to renew Italian society, we want to give support and confidence to those who create jobs and well-being, we want to accept and win the great productive and technological challenges of Europe and the modern world. We want to give space to anyone who wants to do and build their own future, in the North as in the South we want a government and a parliamentary majority that can give adequate dignity to the original nucleus of every society, to the family, that can respect every faith and that raise reasonable hopes for those who are weaker, for those looking for work, for those in need of care, for those who, after an active life, have the right to live in peace. A government and a majority that bring more attention and respect to the environment, that know how to oppose with the maximum determination to crime, corruption, drugs. Who know how to guarantee citizens more security, more order and more efficiency.

The history of Italy is at a turning point. As an entrepreneur, as a citizen and now as a citizen who takes the field, without any shyness but with the determination and serenity that life has taught me, I tell you that you can do away with a policy of incomprehensible chatter, stupid quarrels and politics without a trade. I tell you that it is possible to realize together a great dream: that of a more just, more generous Italy towards those who need more prosperous and serene more modern and efficient protagonist in Europe and in the world.

I tell you that we can, I tell you that we must build together for ourselves and for our children, a new Italian miracle.

Partially translated with as it was way to long.

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