Here’s the top 10 most iconic Italian actresses of all time

10 actresses that with their talent, beauty and charm have represented the Italian culture at its best in the seventh art. Cinema.

sofia loren

Italian cinema history is full of great movies, directors and of course actors and actresses.

10 actresses, but the list could be way longer, that have worked out their career and entered with full right among the most legendary artists of all times.

10) Isabella Rossellini

Friends Season 3 Episode 5, Isabella Rossellini cameo
a scene from Friends, ”The one with Frank Jr.” (1996)
Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini is a natural born star.

Daughter of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini, has been for several years testimonial of Lancòme which have only recently asked her to join the brand after a few years of break up.

She grew up between Rome and Paris and eventually settled in New York, where she also gained US citizenship (holding the Italian too).

In ’79 she married the director Martin Scorsese.

Her most memorable acting role is probably in the movie Blue velvet, from David Lynch, where she interpreted a singer of a night club.

9) Monica Bellucci

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
a scene from The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.(2009)
Monica Bellucci

Considered still today by many the most beautiful woman in the world, Monica has started her carrier in fashion back in the early 90s.

She quickly move to become an actress, with several prestigious roles, in Italy, France and the US. Next to her beauty, it could be admired also more practical acting skills.

The great love of her life was Vincent Cassel, French actor and director with whom she lived for 13 years till the divorce, in 2013.

From their marriage were born Deva and Léonie, the girls for whom he chose to move away from the screen to a good eight years.

She amazed the audiences in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, where he plays herself appearing in Agent Gordon’s revealing dream.

She has thrilled on Emir Kusturica’s On The Milky Road, according to many her best interpretation.

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