Today at the newsstand February 5th, 2019

International meeting in between anti-establishment groups, a legendary festival is ready to begin and much more

Today at the newsstand February 5th, 2019
Today at the newsstand February 5th, 2019

Newsstand today – February 5th, 2019

Movimento 5 Stelle leaders meeting with Yellow vests counterpart

  • A surprising meeting in between the leaders of one of the two parties currently ruling Italy and the French movement Yellow Vests.
  • Italian vice president, Di Maio had already expressed support for the group in the previous weeks.
  • Both populist groups, so called anti-establishment, have found a common enemy in the last month in the French Prime Minister Macron.
  • There are many common positions and values that put citizens at the center, says Di Maio. Blocks and discomforts for the strike of the vests. The leader of the Yellow vest, Chalencon invokes the civil war.

Festival di Sanremo starts today

  • Just a few hours before the 69th edition of the Sanremo Festival.
  • Guests of the first evening will be Andrea Bocelli, who will duet with his son Matteo and with Claudio Baglioni.
  • The Italian singer Giorgia will also arrive at the Ariston, also for a duet with the artistic director. Read full article on the Festival.
  • The competition will start today to finish on Sunday with the declaration of the winner, among the 24 participants.

Italian kids among the healthiest in Europe

  • In 2017 the percentage of children under five years considered in good or excellent health in Italy exceeded 99%, a percentage that falls to 98.8% for children from five to nine years and to 98.4% for those between ten and fifteen years.
  • It is the Eurostat data that place our country among those where minors enjoy the best health conditions in Europe.
  • Regarding the limitations of the activity due to health problems, the percentage of Italian children affected ranges between 0.3% and 0.9% (depending on the age class and the severity of the problems), while the average European is always above 1%. (according to ANSA – italian news agency, based on Eurostat data)

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