Today at the newsstand February 4th, 2019

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Enter into a real Italian edicola (newsstand) and find out the most important news of the day, and what the country is debating about.

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Enter into a real Italian edicola (newsstand) and find out the most important news of the day, and what the country is debating about.

Newsstand today – February 4th, 2019

National Basic income

  • Opens today the portal to request access to the National Basic Income.
  • The official presentation is scheduled at 3 pm of the Minister of Labor and Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio.
  • Until 6 March will only be providing information, while available to submit request by then.

Government crisis

  • Continues the difficult relationship in between the two parties ruling the countries.
  • Too many topics where the two parties are in collision, migrants, infrastructures and national basic income to name a few.
  • The kidnapping trial to the Interior Minister Salvini for the migrants in the rescue boat Diciotti sparked even more debate, with Movimento 5 stelle proposing to go ahead with court decision, while Lega strongly opposes.

Three free-riders dead on Mont Blanc

  • The operations to rescue the 4 free-riders, two British and two French, dispersed from yesterday over Courmayeur have continued.
  • The corpses were found buried under an avalanche in Val Veny.
  • The Alpine rescue service continues  the search for the lost fourth continues.

Serie A – results of the weekend

  • Juventus slow down his race to the 8th consecutive scudetto with a quite surprising internal draw versus Parma. Napoli wins 3-0 with Sampdoria and shortens the distance from the bianconeri of 2 points.
  • Continues the dark period for Inter, that loses at home against the weak Bologna. Roma and Milan drew in the Sunday evening match for 1-1, with the new A.C. Milan striker, Piatek in goal for the 3rd time in the two last matches.
  • After 22 games, on top of the chart: Juventus with 60 points, Napoli with 51 points, Inter with 40 points, Milan with 36 points and Roma with 35 points.
  • Ronaldo still the top scorer with 17 goals, followed by Quagliarella of Sampdoria with 16 points and Zapata from Atalanta with 15 points. 


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