International crisis, drugs, recession & black-out.

This wasn’t an easy week for the Italy and its Government.
Last week in Italy, here’s what you need to know

This wasn't an easy week for the Italy and its Government
This wasn't an easy week for the Italy and its Government

Monday – Italy against Netherlands in handling migrants

The Italian government decline any responsibility on the Sea Watch boat, full of migrants outside the coast of Sicily. The boat has Dutch flag and the full responsibility of the boat, migrants included should be of the Netherlands. Which quickly push back any interest into it.

All the day after Italian MPs where able to jump on board of the boat to testify the difficult conditions on the boat.

Wednesday – Cocaine and coffee on board in Livorno  

Thursday – An expected decline which means recession

The Italian economy enters officially in recession after a streak of 4 months with a decline in the overall national gross domestic product.

The government doesn’t seem to be taken by surprise or being particularly concerned by this data, believing in a quick turn around and a growth visible already during 2019.

Friday – Arctic weather and black-outs

It’s time for snow to finally fall on the whole North of Italy, in particular on the flat areas of Pianura Padana. Turin and Milan well covered by snow, which eventually melted soon after. A black-out in large part of Sicily, including Trapani and Erice, for over half an hour, after midday. The blackout has affected the population centers, but also the outlying areas, creating great discomfort in public services, such as in offices and homes, and obviously for who in the elevators.

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