Spin the wheel and dress up your Minister

“Spin the wheel and find out which uniform will be worn by Minister Salvini to save the country”. 

salvini buzz light year
salvinification.it the site to dress your minister

Matteo Salvini, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister has a well known obsession for wearing different uniforms, such as police uniforms, jackets of fire department and hoodies with the logo of the city he’s visiting.

Apparently a strategy studied to play with the feeling given by those uniforms and clothes, associated with Salvini. Sounds quite basic and quite surprisingly seems to work, with Salvini growing the share of his supporters more and more every week.

Today, all his supporters will be finally able to dress him, everyday, with something different. All thanks to Salvinification.it

Matteo Salvini dressed as police officer

The site motto is ‘‘l’abito non fa il monaco, ma il ministro dell’interno”, literally, the dress isn’t making the priest, but the Interior minister. which stands for the British expression: you can’t always tell a book by its cover.

Spin the wheel and find out which uniform will be worn by Minister Salvini to save the country”.

 Photomontages inspired by historical figures and comic book heroes, from RoboSalvini to Salvini Balotelli
The final result is a Salvini always different that can be declined in superhero: Wolverini, RoboSalvini, SuperSalvini. Or in the TV version of the boys: Salviniteletubbie, Sailor-Minister, Salvy Potter. But also reincarnate in characters that really existed or existed: Salvini Bonaparte, Salvini Balotelli, Regina Elisalvetta.

 “Salvinification” also has an account on Instagram where the images sent by users are collected and where a screenshot that captures the success of the site: 1860 users read the release published on the social on January 31 a few days after the launch of the app.

And you, which Salvini you prefer?

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