Italy in recession, for the third time in 10 years.

Italian economy enters in recession and Rome struggles with holes in the street

It didn’t seem to shock nor surprise the Italian prime minister Conte and the finance minister Tria the latest results on the gross domestic product.

For the fourth quarter of 2018, fourth in a row, it has a negative value, meaning that technically Italy enters in recession. The entire year under performing compared to 2017. Of 0.2%.

Conte expressed optimism and somehow enthusiasm when looking to the future, claiming Italy will go back to positive sign during this year and minimized the result, just under the 1 percent overall.

It has to say that this percentage has deteriorated in particular under his government, albeit some may claim those results are still the outcome of the decision of the previous one.

And that the result was expected as it was reported by this same outlet just one week ago on how the Italian economy was on the brink of recession.

The road to restore a positive sign on the gross domestic product of the country is difficult, not impossible, but the recession itself only makes it more complex.

The expected growth of the interest rate and less trust on the economy will reduce investments and the possibility to support internal benefits, unless taking on new debts.

This will be at a higher costs and really not the direction the economical foundations of the country should be going.



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