Sea Watch odyssey in the Mediterranean continues, without clarity for the future

Three MPs contravened the Government decision and boarded a boat with migrants. Not too many days left to take a decision on its faith.

This morning, 3 members of the Italian parliament, Ms. Stefania Prestigiacomo (Forza Italia, right wing), Riccardo Magi (+Europa, center left wing) and Nicola Frantoianni (Leu, left wing) have boarded the humanitarian ship, Sea Watch, currently just few miles outside Siracusa, in Sicily. They accessed the boat to check the conditions of the 47 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean nine days ago. The three MPs have asked that the migrants were allowed to disembark all immediately.

This request contravenes the current decision of the Italian Government that has blocked all Italian docks to accept the boat, as for any other humanitarian boat that brings rescued migrants from the Mediterranean sea into Italy.

Sea Watch, currently just few miles outside Siracusa, in Sicily.

In the previous days the Italian government had claimed that the Netherlands, as Sea Watch sail under its flag, should have welcomed the guests of the boat. The Dutch Government has refused this option.

The numbers of migrants in the boat, compared to the over 600 thousands landed on Italian shores in the last few years are definitely low, but the Government doesn’t want to create precedents and is moved by its principles.

It’s unclear on whether Italy or another country will allow at the end the boat into its docks, but after over 9 days of navigation for the Sea Watch and many others of sail and desert cross for the migrants, there’s not too many day left for a decision.

First image from Sea Watch official website

Image from Sea Watch official website, not endorsed nor authorised by the site or the NGO organisation. Immediate removal of the image upon request.




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