Legalize or penalize it. Two voices, one government and a plant

The government risks to fall for a spiff, but the two main parties will avoid to talk about it.

growing indoor marijuana
growing indoor marijuana

The current Italian government is built by two parties with quite strong different views on many things. Actually almost everything.

The coalition is built around a contract, signed by both parties before taking the lead of the government back in early summer of 2018. This contract regulates the decisions that the government will take and most of all, the laws and directions that it will be working towards.

Albeit this formula, there have been already multiple cases where the two parties have been in conflict. Probably the most explicit being the High Speed Train (TAV) project.

Due to the negotiations that led to the creation of the contract, several topics have been only slightly touched in the document, and some completely ignored, because not of high priority and because the two parties had two irreconcilable different views.

A clear example is the debate around drugs and in particular to the eternal debate on whether legalize the soft drugs, such as marijuana, idea supported by the Movimento 5 Stelle, or keep them illegal, as for the right wing Lega party.

Today in Italy the there’s an hybrid law which doesn’t clarify really the status, but there’s a very high consumption, as Italians are among the heaviest users of cannabis.

Cannabis for medical use in Italy

Cannabis for medical use in Italy

In Italy, medical cannabis has been legal since 2007, recognized with a decree the therapeutic use of the cannabinoid delta-9-THC. In 2013, extended the legalization of cannabinoids in vegetable form, therefore also in Italy the uses of the cannabis plant (plant parts, in particular the inflorescences of the plant), of its extracts and extracts were recognized for medical purposes. get ready.

From that year on, various regional regulations were created to regulate the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes with executive decrees in most regions of Italy starting in 2015.

Cannabis legal light: the law of Italian law of 2016

The term legal cannabis light or legal hemp means that type of cannabis that has an active ingredient lower than 0.6%. According to the Italian law 242 approved in December 2016, its production and marketing are legal in Italy if the cannabis has a THC content (ie the active principle) that does not exceed 0.2%. Thanks to this law, therefore, there are no more doubts about it: the cultivation of legal marijuana is no longer prohibited and does not need any authorization. In the event that the percentage of THC is higher than 0.2% but falls within the limit of 0.6%, the farmer is relieved of any kind of responsibility. If, on the other hand, the 0.6% limit is exceeded, the judicial authorities may destroy or impede the cultivation of hemp.

Movimento 5 Stelle has recently proposed a new regulation and includes three basic points:

  • allow, under certain conditions, the cultivation of cannabis, individually (up to 3 plants) or associated (up to 30 people and after communication to the Prefecture);
  • provide for the lawfulness of the possession of cannabis within certain quantities (15 grams at home and 5 grams outside), in addition to correcting the law on inflorescences, which are now sold in the so-called “cannabis light shops” for technical use, providing for the possibility of be sold for food or herbal use (they will be subject to all the checks due and linked to that type of activity) and raising the percentage of thc which may contain up to 1%;
  • regulate illicit conduct by providing a differentiation of sentence in relation to the type of substances (heavy drugs, light drugs).
Cannabis legal light: the law of Italian law of 2016

Lega, (former Northern League) strongly oppose this approach and is instead considering to strengthen the legislation around it, and reduce the freedom of use, with strong penalties for abusers.

The most probable outcome will be some small attempts by individual members of the parliament, without a real support of the entire party.

Which will lead to maintain the current status quo and will not risk the collapse of the government for a spiff.

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