Italian economy slowly on the brink of recession

Italian economy slowly on the brink of recession

In economy, there’s the tendency to say that debt is good till there’s growth. Italy has demonstrated over the last few decades that its debt wasn’t good anymore. The very little expansion of the economy, that in some cases has been even negative hasn’t supported a growing public debt bringing the country to the risk of a new recession in only few years.

Italian public debt is currently at 133.0% of GDP, after a slight decrease of 0.1% from previous quarter.

Bank of Italy has recently revised the estimate of GDP 2019 growth from 1% to 0.6%, with 0.4 points less than previously assessed.

And this is precisely matching the same estimates from the International Monetary Fund forecasts for 2019.

The recent decision of the Italian government, as included in the 2019 Budget law don’t seem of having changed the mind of investors and bankers, which are constantly reducing their exposures on the Italian market.

The growth was interrupted in the third quarter of 2018 and it’s thought that the activity could still be diminished in the fourth quarter: if it occurred, such a possibility, it would be equivalent to a technical recession.




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