The largest and most precious open-air museum in the world.

Rome, colosseum and fori imperiali. The largest open-air museum in the world.

The fourth site to be included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO doesn’t really need presentations.

The capital of Italy since 1870 (9 years after complete unification of Italian territories) and capital of known world back to 2000 years ago, Rome is probably the most historical city in the world and the largest open-air museum in the world.

Founded in the 753 B.C. has been growing since, into an immense territory.

It now extends for over 1200 km², that for comparison is over 10 times the overall extension of Paris. With the difference that the latter has almost 3 times more inhabitants.

Rome is worldwide famous for its infinite amount of art pieces, monuments, churches and in general anything that has a historical value.

The very wide city centre includes a small nation itself, Vatican city.

Albeit this large extension, Rome isn’t really a fast going city. The streets are mainly narrow, built for a completely different type of transportation than large touristic buses and vans. In support of commuters have been built two lines of the tube, but any meter of work to build them had cost in money and time as nowhere else in the world.

This time, more than for bureaucracy, the delay, is due to the numerous historical items can be found few meters underground. So, machines could only slowly move ahead and have been stopped multiple times when new items were discovered.

Panorama from Rome roofs

It’s currently being built the line C, which will, once completed further support movements in the city.

The initial works have already brought to the discovery of a large part of an unknown building, built presumably under the emperor Adriano, in the second century AD, where could find the so-called ”auditoria”. Rooms dedicated to reading, sort of historical libraries.



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