Last week in Italy, here’s what you need to know

Discover the most important facts in a nutshell.
This was a very full week, with some memorable events and returns.

rocks of Matera, european capital of culture in 2019
rocks of Matera, european capital of culture in 2019

Week 3rd of the calendar has been a very hectic period in the Italian peninsula.

Monday – Former terrorist and his forced return to Italy

  • Cesare Battisti is a former terrorist of the 70s in extreme left view groups. He had participated and led activities which brought to the dead of at least for persons, and was therefore arrested. He escaped jail and Italy in 1981 after been condemned for 12 years, has been arrested in Bolivia this week and returned to Italian jails this Monday 14th of January.
  • Battisti lived abroad all those years, covered by political asylum in France and then in Brazil, writing books and essays. In Brazil he had already been jailed, then left out for willing of the government.
  • The new Brazilian government, with president Bolsonario, decided to remove any political asylum and Battisti had escaped the country to Bolivia. Where after a few weeks of investigation was arrested. In a few days back to Italy, detained in the jail of Oristano, in the beautiful island of Sardinia.

Tuesday – Earthquake shakes the land

  • An earthquake of 4.6 of magnitude, had been localized at 11km east of Ravenna. In Emilia Romagna. The shake was well felt also in Bologna.
  • No major damages, nor injured luckily.

Thursday – Silvio is back. Risks of being the last swansong are quite high.

  • Silvio Berlusconi declared he’ll run for the spring elections for the European Parliament. Not being able to run in his own country, having lost his eligibility due to recent issues with the justice, he has opted for the continental stage.
  • Predictions aren’t looking good, but experts know he is known to come back in the latest weeks. Some says that there’s no chance and will be a fiasco.

Friday – National Basic income rules are ready

  • The introduction of a National Basic income, which was strongly supported by Movimento 5 Stelle has become law as part of the 2019 Budget.
  • The rules have been clarified:
    • Must have an income of less than 780 euro per month and will make sure that who earns less will at least reach this basic level of income. If someone earns 200 euro per month, will receive 580 and so on.
    • The income is deposited on a special card, from Poste Italiane.
    • Who owns apartments, houses or have different sources of wealth won’t be able to receive any income and strong sanctions have been introduced to avoid any fraud.

Saturday – Matera starts the day as capital of European culture

  • Opening ceremony for the year of Matera, the European cultural capital of 2019, with the presence of all the main Italian authorities, starting from the President of the Republic.
  • A fundamental year for the city of rocks, ready to get the important stage and promote its beauties and history with a series of countless events.

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