Italian wine leads world production, with a 4 year streak.

The chart with the top world producers and the secret of being at the top.

girl drinking wine
girl drinking wine

For the fourth consecutive year, also in 2018, Italy results to be the world top producer of wine.

Italian wine out beat once again the production from France, which has seen much better years in the past. Italy produced over 48 Millions hl of wine building up circa the 17.2% of the overall world production.

France followed closely with over 46 Millions hl of wine, representing 16%; Spain close the podium, with 40 Millions hl of wine, with the 14%.

United States reached 24 Millions hl of wine in 2018, far from the top 3, but also steadily on the 4th given the large gap to Argentina that achieved about 14 Millions hl of wine.

Then follows a long tail of countries with good productions, Australia, Chile, Germany and South Africa, following closely to the 10 Millions hl of wine per year.

Export of Italian wine have been growing almost in all the major countries importers, with the exception of Canada, which may be explained by the signatures on the CETA agreements.

And which ones are drank on Italians tables?

Italians tables see often a bottle of Chardonnay on top.

Next to it, are growing strongly some regional productions. sicilian Grillo, Primitivo from Puglia, followed by Ribolla from Friuli, Valpolicella from
Veneto, and the evergreen Chianti classico.

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