Silvio is back, 25 years after. Is it time for the swansong?

He’s still here, and ready to run for elections and become a member of the parliament. What does it move him still?

berlusconi smiles
berlusconi smiles

It was 1994, a cold January day in Milan, and Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, rich and famous thanks to its media empire and successes as sport entrepreneur, was announcing his entrance in politics.

25 years after, again in January, he’s still here, and ready to run for elections and become a member of the parliament. This time with a little difference. Berlusconi won’t be able to get a seat in the Italian parliament anymore, due to his previous issues with justice system, therefore his focus this time will be to grab a seat at the European parliament.


Back by then, in 1994, he claimed it was due to the communists growth in the country. 25 years after he made it clear that its main opponents would be the grillini, so who in the Movimento 5 Stelle. Grillini is a nickname in honor to one of the founders of M5S, the comedian Beppe Grillo. The parties that most probably will be part of the right wing coalition with Berlusconi will be Lega and Fratelli d’Italia. Interesting to note that Lega is currently leading together with Movimento 5 Stelle the current government. After an election round that had seen these two parties been separated. More detailed explanation on how this happened in the previous article on Italian budget law for 2019.

Berlusconi political story is full of successes (mainly at elections) and big defeats (mainly with the justice system). His political actions have seen him trying to get the world stage in a new, some times bizarre, approach.

Friend with Putin, Bush jr. and Mu’ ammar Gheddafi, had troubles inside Europe, with attritions especially with French president of the time Sarkozi and to the still in charge German Chancellor, Mrs. Angela Merkel.

berlusconi kisses sarkozi and merkel laughs

Italians loved him and hated him. Some times more the former, others the latter. Only a few other politicians had been able to win with him at elections, when in direct challenge. Mainly Mr. Romano Prodi, who was then associated with the introduction of Euro currency in Italy at launch.

Berlusconi efforts in politics, good and bad, have been completely overshadowed by the scandals that were happening one after the others. In particular in the last years of his career in the Italian parliament.

His impact on Italian society has been tremendous. The laws called ‘ad personam’ meaning for himself, the disasters in economy, the drop in international prestige and a series of tv channels on copy of the lowest level american cable channels.

After 25 years is still ready to show to the world his unique approach to communications and style.

From the top. First picture from La Repubblica, second picture from youtube, third picture from The Telegraph

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