Here’s why the story behind the last supper will leave you speechless

The second Italian site to be included in the Unesco Heritage list had seriously risked of being lost in the most improbable way

the last supper from leonardo da vinci
the last supper from leonardo da vinci

One of the most famous painting of all time may have had the craziest story behind.

Around 1495 Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned by Ludovico Sforza to renovate the interior of Santa Maria delle Grazie‘s church.

Leonardo worked 4 years to produce the iconic Last Supper. A paint full of symbolism and acute messages that only a genius such as Leonardo could have thought through.

The main message is related to the reaction of the apostles when Jesus claims that someone among them will betray him soon.

Leonardo wasn’t exactly happy about the painting, in particular in the way in which the paint itself was sticking to the walls.

In the centuries after, many notable painters such as Vasari had noted the poor condition in which the paint was kept and how was almost lost all the charm.

Over times there were a few attempts of repairing it. Luckily some painters had made copy of it overtime, so it was possible to stay as close as possible to the original, albeit not always done.

But it was at the beginning of the nineteen century when the paint was really close to be destroyed forever.

Napoleon was together with his troops in Milan and all the area was under French control. Some soldiers have started using the church as a modern squatted house. Moving the area into a bivouac and using the refectory, where the Last Supper was painted, as a stable for their horses.

The paint was in absolute danger and…’s how last supper story story continues…

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