Italy’s historical heritage comes as full package, including the tedious too

Publio Cornelio Tacito used to say that ”Laws are many when the nation is highly corrupted” still the same today?

tiber river, history, heritage, corruption

Bureaucracy, and public administration, the guardians of a country efficiency; what should allow both society and economy to run on safe path, growing towards their specific objectives, may be their main obstacle.

The results of a study from Cgia of Mestre – Venice, Italy, based on European commission data according to were quite clear. And its index too.

The index looks, at quality of services offered by the public administration in 19 countries of European Union, and rank them after a quite techincial scoring. This rank sees Italy as the second last country. Down at the bottom. Only Greece does worst. The country very well known for having suffered (and still partially) high stress on its society due to the collapse of its economy.

On top of the chart instead Finland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Costs and hopes

The overall costs of this inefficiency is about 31 Billion Euro for Italy alone.
There’s multiple reasons the keep this poor standard of public administration. One explanation seem connected to a cultural mindset that facilitates this. Already in the second century A.D., the Roman senator as Publio Cornelio Tacito used to say that ”Laws are many when the nation is highly corrupted” to define how bureaucracy and a corrupted system was weakening the potential power of Rome.

Also today, public administrators looking for opportunities from their power and the finances they administer, are the main obstacles to the growth.

The political system doesn’t seem to oppose as seems almost colluded. Keeping the complex system that doesn’t allow changes to the status quo, keeping comfortably stable the position.

A slow machine that lose energy from the inside, and doesn’t find a way to fix it.

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