The legendary story of the bell tower emerging from a lake

One of the most fascinating and surreal scenarios, in the hearth of the Alps.

curon venosta in summer
curon venosta in summer

A bell tower emerges a few meter from the water of a deep alpine lake.

What an incredible scenario in front of the eyes of the lucky ones who have been able to visit Curon Venosta, in the north Italian region of South Tyrol, in provincia of Bolzano.

But how did this happen?

The beautiful Lago di Resia was created in the early 50s, artificially with the creation of a dike to build a reservoir for the production of electricity. In order to create it, two villages, Curon and Resia, previously inhabited by few hundred villagers, were abandoned and all the houses taken down to the ground.


Only the tower bell of the village, campanile della Chiesa di Santa Caterina was left standing, because considered an historical monument.

And resisted from the water, leaving the top emerging and one of the most fascinating and surreal scenarios.

When in Winter, the lake freeze and can be visited just walking to it. Some says the bells are still jingling. Albeit having being removed just few days before the lake was created.

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