‘The Dying Town’ that still survives

Civita the view

In 1972 officially it officially started a UNESCO agreement that was aiming to put under one single document the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage. As part of it, the United Nations agency started building a list of the most important sites in the world, the World Heritage List

Italy is the country that owns the most, with 54 sites in total. Those places are tangible ways to recognize what Italy as a country and thanks to its handmade pieces of art is giving to the world, as ever lasting heritage.

The 54 sites are a long varied list and ListenItaly.com, to celebrate the beauties of Italy will propose them. One a day, for the next 54 days. One daily sweet pill of absolute beauty and charm.

To celebrate this great initiative starting very soon, today we go and look at one site that is actually off this list, but probably should.


This is the city of Civita

Civita is a section of Bagnoreggio municipality, included in provincia of Viterbo, in Lazio region. It’s an historical village that dates back over 2500 years. But we don’t know how many years still will last.

Today, Civita can be reached only through a dock built in 1965. It’s for pedestrian only, the 16 inhabitants of Civita and for the brave tourists that dare to cross it.

Civita lies on a hill that is constantly eroding and reducing its width. The constant erosion puts it at high risk of survival in the future.


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