How Italians have reduced their smoking habits. Did they ask Siri?

Apparently, if you are looking to quit your bad habit you may very much rely on Google searches rather than Siri.

lonely smoker

A recent study from Eurobarometer for the World No Tobacco day, said that the percentage of smokers in Europe wasn’t declining overall, strong in the South and East of Europe, less in the North of the continent.

For Italy results were bit more positive as lower than the average.

lonely smoker

Greece was on top with 37% of population smoking, Bulgaria and France 36%, Croatia with 35%. Italy was instead 24%, lower but still far from the brilliant Sweden with only 7%.

And here we are. With the most classic and less properly executed among all the New Year’s resolutions. I’ll quit smoking. 

If you have ever been a smoker, or you are right now, the first of the year has always sounded as the perfect moment to change your bad habits and start a new you, with a new healthy life.  

A lot of studies have suggested methods to quit to smoke, and also here technology seem could be playing a growing. Artificial intelligence in particular is becoming key to anything we are doing and help ensuring we complete our goals. From sending a payment to walk to a square. And what about more challenging and difficulty tasks. Like stop to smoke.

A group of researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong has spent time on it and published their conclusion in March 2018 on PloS. 
What is the best approach to quitting smoking and is Siri reliable or is Google? Well, the conclusions were in the title. Don’t ask Siri. Just ask Google. Or better, Google it. 

The article in fact concludes that Google internet searches and Google Assistant [..] significantly superior to the Siri digital assistant for smoking cessation information. While expert content was returned over half the time, there is still substantial room for improvement in how these software systems deliver smoking cessation advice.

So we are not there, yet. But getting there, for now may still rely on patches


Apparently, if you are looking to quit your bad habit you may very much rely on Google searches than Siri.

And there’s an easy and intriguing answer to why this happens. And is not that Siri is a smoker herself. Find out directly from the scientist words: LINK TO COPY OF THE ARTICLE 

Copyright: © 2018 Boyd, Wilson. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Just ask Siri? A pilot study comparing smartphone digital assistants and laptop Google searches for smoking cessation advice from Matt Boyd, Nick Wilson

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