Winter Olympics 2026: a dancing-duo is ready to be the host

Milano-Cortina running to be the host of the Olympics. In good shape, but what’s with the other runners?

Olympic Games

Milano-Cortina 2026, this is the final couple of city that together run to host the Winter Olympic Games of 2026.

The only other competitor remaining today is Stockholm, with all the support of the Scandinavian countries.

Stockholm and its majestic nature

Very unsure hosts lost on the way

During the last months we lost on the way a few candidates, and mainly for internal review that brought to the withdraw of the candidacy to host the Games. Calgary, Canada withdrew on November 2018), Japan Sapporo, Japan withdrew on September 2018), Graz, Austria withdrew on July 2018) Sion, Switzerland (withdrew on June 2018).

Only Erzurum, Turkey was not invited to candidature stage on 4 October 2018.

Milan-Cortina after Turin?

Italy has already hosted the Winter games quite recently, with Turin in 2006. Turin itself was already somewhat joined by a satellite of smaller mountain cities that were covering the alpine disciplines. Most notable probably the ”via Lattea” with Sestriere.

In this case, given the distance from the city (Milan) and the important heritage of who has already hosted winter games in the past, Cortina will be well present among the names of the hosts. Cortina was the host of 1956 Winter Olympic games and it would be an important showcase to the world with strong promotion opportunities.

Milan, tram in the night

Milan would continue the growth from Expo 2015 with the booming fashion capital taking ground also as a pure touristic destinations.

The final decision for the host of the 2026 Winter Olympics, between Milano-Cortina and Stockholm will be taken during June 2019 in Lausanne (Switzerland).

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