In Sardinia, new idyllic beaches, untouched for over 60 years are available, to everyone, from today

It was 1957 when the beach of Porto Tramatzu, in Taulada, village in the province of Cagliari, became part of an area occupied by Italian defense.

sardinia, Porto Tramatzu

It was in use as shooting range for the military forces, meaning that all the area was basically completely untouched, except during exercises.

Since then no tourists have ever been able to walk on those heavenly beautiful beaches, but since this summer it will be possible. Just need a ticket to Sardinia, and paradise is there.

As part of today government agreement the beach of Porto Tramatzu become available to everyone for use. More than 60 years after!

Next to Porto Tramatzu, also other new beaches, currently occupied by the military and also untouched since a few decades, will become available to tourists from all over the world.

Capo Frasca S’Enna, S’Arca and Punta de S’Achivoni all three located in the west coast of Sardinia, outside Oristano.

Sardinia random beach

Are you ready getting ready for summer?



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  1. Oh, yes I’m getting ready to see those beaches.

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