Pasta, dove sei? (Pasta, where are you?)

Pasta. Is it really and truly an Italian food?

fusilli pasta cooking

Pasta. Nothing that sounds more Italian. Maybe just pizza, but we already spoke about that.

As everything that seems pure Italian, as in the reality foreign origins and has afterwards been adopted and also in old times marketed as Italian specific delicacy.

spaghetti as made in Italy

A population of travelers can get inspired

Think about Cappuccino and its origin, which seems to be more Austrian than from the boot shaped country.

Pasta isn’t different to this, and although everyone has now recognized that Marco Polo story wasn’t that real, pasta has still roots elsewhere.

Noodles as made in China

2 countries seems to be the real starting points. China and Greece, and its probably from the latter that whole get started.

Greeks had invaded the south of Italy before Romans came up and Etrurians (a pre-roman population too, a quite strong albeit unknown one) were known to eat pasta or similar one.

And how is doing now?

Over the years pasta has evolved, gaining more and more the status of an healthy, basic food. New types emerged and among them one which has quite good success. Gluten free legume pasta.

If you have tried it already or you haven’t yet. Well this article HERE, will reveal you something that may really surprise you. For good.

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