Sales season has started, and shopping goes wild

Season of sales started! Where and when to go to get the best deals.

shopping in italy
taormina shopping

It’s officially started the season of sales. Holidays are over and shops are now trying to get the last sales out before renovating for spring and summer season.

All start together, some for longer periods

All Italian cities are officially opening today their sales. Regions have different extension period, going from 28 February for some up to March 31st for others.

Some notable shopping regions and cities being: Lombardy (Milan region) till 5 March, Piedmont (Turin region) till 28 February, Lazio (Rome region) till 28 February , Campania (Naples region) till March, Tuscany (Florence region) till 5 March, Veneto (Venice region) till 31 March and Sicily (Palermo region) till 15 March.

What about the discounts?

Discounts run from 20-30% up to even 70%. Obviously good to have a double look at items, as some may have been tried over and over again before holiday periods asclothes may be hanging since a while.

There’s quite strict regulations to avoid abuses and scam, such as higher up original price to fake a higher discount rate on an item.

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