Italian car market, not only Ferrari (& who’s in the lead?)

The status of the car market in Italy, the directions and the top 10 of 2018.

Fiat 500
Fiat 500

2018 has been a mild year for the Italian car market with slight grow, just above 4% on 2017 and with a strong decrease towards the end of the year.

Decrease becoming strong in particular for the car powered by diesel, as restrictions and limitations to circulate are getting tougher in several Italian cities due to anti-pollution regulations.

Still solid instead the second hand market, justified by a decrease in recent years of purchase power and to a improved reliability of the vehicles offered in this segment of the car market.

The government is coming in help of the industry, thinking of new economical support to who purchases a new car, in particular electric ones. There’s a long debate around this, and in particular why electric cars haven’t started kicking in yet, in the country where a liter of gasoline costs more than in any other European country, with the exception at times of the Netherlands.

In any case, here below the top 10 most sold car in Italy in 2018. Number 1 may not surprise you though.

  • 7 – CITROEN C3 
  • 4 – FIAT TIPO 
  • 3 – FIAT 500X
  • 2 – FIAT 500
  • 1 – FIAT PANDA 
fiat panda

Reference, some of the data used are published by the prestigious Italian news agency at the following link

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