It’s going to be a white and icy January

Winter is coming over faster this week., With snow and ice also in the south of Italy

Snow and ice on south of italy

Winter is running officially since a few weeks already, but the weather didn’t seem to follow closely the change of season.

Except a few isolated cases of snow here, all over across Europe the temperatures have been still mild and mainly sunny.

Things are changing right now, and will last at least till January 9th. Cold air coming from the Arctic is passing through the entire continent and is heading to the south of Italy.

Snow and ice on the Italian alps

Snow and ice is expected at low altitudes, even around the Adriatic sea, with peak between the 4th and 5th of the month.

Wind will slowly reduce with the increase of the cold weather in the north of the peninsula where may last for longer periods. We’ll be monitoring and update soon.

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